Member Testimonials

Jill Gurnon

A letter to all members who have not run with any CRR members yet. I promise you today as soon as you make that leap and join in on a run, you will not be disappointed. I drove by CRRs running all the time in Abington, they are always smiling, talking and looking like they are having a great time.

I joined 3 years ago and a couple times came close to joining in on a run. I never did because I was NOT a runner. I was afraid of showing up and making a fool out of myself. What do I wear, will anyone talk to me, can I run longer than 5 minutes were just a few of the many concerns I had. I procrastinated for 3 years. I decided when I turned 40 my bucket list item was to run the Boston Marathon.

After reading many of the posts on the facebook page, asking MANY questions I realized the members of CRR were great, very helpful and didn’t seem to mind me being a beginner. Well I joined them one cold Saturday morning in January and it was the best decision I could have made.  Everyone welcomed me with open arms and could not have been any nicer.  We head off for the run and I realized yes there are some fast runners so I stayed back at my own pace. As luck would have it I didn’t run alone and I had FUN! There are people running at all paces and all different distances. No one is left alone and everyone truly cares.

In just the past 4 months I have met some amazing people in the CRR group, friends I will have for a lifetime, people who I will continue to learn from and people to push me to continue to believe in myself. Trust me if I can get past my fears and pull this off and actually complete a marathon, ANYONE can run! CRR made this possible for me and I can’t stress enough to not put off another day. Even if you just join and run 3 miles. Heck, I’ll run one mile with you. For anyone who thinks they are out of shape, I’m 35 pounds overweight so no worries. For anyone who is shy or intimated by “runners”, I literally just started running a few months ago so I’m new too.  There are men and woman of all ages running at all different levels, you will feel right at home.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. I will do anything I can to help anyone who has not made that step to join in a run with CRR. Join us for some fun, you won’t regret it!