Club History

Colonial Road Runners – The Beginning

In the fall of 1979 the Colonial Road Runners club was established with the intention of trying to unite, motivate and organize local runners in a social running organization.  The founding leaders felt that many of the other clubs were not making an effort to help all their members and encourage club activities, so Colonial Road Runners was born.

Colonial Road Runners aimed to get all members out on the roads, hopefully racing, regardless of    individual ability.  The club set up programs for various levels of ability. To get members running the club offered all of the club sponsored races free to the members.  It was through past experience that the founders felt that camaraderie along with peer influence has successfully coached many runners to new goals they never thought possible.

These personal achievements, as well as member closeness, make Colonial Road Runners unique from many of the other local running clubs.

Initial Colonial Road Runners Club Programs included: Group Jogs, Speedwork, Races, Newsletter, Carpooling to Races, Social Events, Activities and Outings, Club Shirts and Jackets.

By joining Colonial Road Runners, you became a member of the national organization, Road Runners Club of America, which would have made you eligible for any of their programs and be on their newsletter mailing list.

The Colonial Road Runners original Board included:

Steve Schlicting                                                 President

Al Donaghy                                                         Vice President

Mike Durrigan                                                   Treasurer

Cathy Delaney                                                   Secretary

Bob Delaney                                                      New Membership Information

Russ Monaghan                                                Activities Director

Jack Haggerty                                                    Shirts and Jackets

Today’s Colonial Road Runners are thankful for our founder’s insight, commitment and leadership to building one of the best running clubs in Massachusetts.