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The Colonial Road Runners are not just all about running and racing! Many club members participate in events throughout the year in order to raise money for a variety of worth causes.   The following club members are currently preparing for an upcoming fundraising effort and would welcome both your emotional and financial support. 

Renae Tuffy
Race 2012 Boston Marathon
Charity The Halls Step Foundation

As you know, I have set out on many running adventures over the last few years and when I have the chance to help a group in need by doing what I like to do best, I try and do my part.  I have decided this year to help raise funds for The Halls Step Foundation while running the 116th Boston Marathon on April 16, 2012.  

Deciding to work with the Halls on a cause close to their hearts was a step outside of my comfort zone. I am a firm believer that here in the good ole US of A, there are many that need our assistance first before we move on to the rest of the World.

 …but have you ever googled or youtube’d Ryan and Sara Hall?  Here is a quick glimpse at the people they are:

 Besides being unbelievably talented runners, they are absolutely beautiful people. They are the most kind- hearted, gentle “famous” people I have ever met. They realize that they have a talent that has lead them to the life they are blessed to have and they want to share the beauty that life has to offer with other people that are less fortunate—both in the US and around the globe.  Sara & Ryan are, simply put, trying to make our world a better place to live.

With the help of people like you willing to help support people like me, we can help the Halls and the Steps Foundation make a difference.

 My goal for the year 2012 is to get 76 people to donate $26.20 and with this we will help raise 2012 dollars.  It breaks down to 1 dollar for each mile I will run during the Boston Marathon in 2012.

 What do you think? Can you help? Every bit makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.
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Charles Gillis
2012 Boston Marathon
MGH Children's Cancer Center
I am a cancer survivor and have been running the Boston Marathon for the past few years to help Mass General Children’s Cancer Center raise funds for research and patient/ family care.  Last year I ran for Chloe Paoletta, my patient partner from MGH Children’s Cancer Center.  Chloe finished her treatments in 2011 and she is doing fabulous, working on high school choices for next year and getting ready for a well-deserved vacation with her family.    I am pleased to say that she will be my inspiration again this year!
The donations we make today will help children and their families.  Last year the MGH Marathon Team (100 Runners) raised almost $800,000.  Last year, Team Chloe and I raised almost $20,000!  Of all monies raised, 97% go directly to benefit a child’s care.  The funds help with research promoting shorter stays in the hospital, medications with fewer side effects, and eventually, a cure for childhood cancers.  Your donations are saving children’s lives every day.  We are so fortunate to have hospitals like MGH in our own backyard that offer the best care!

We have all had children or family members who were sick and have done anything we could to help them get through it.  Children should be having fun, not in the hospital getting chemo, radiation or bone marrow transplants.   I have stayed close to the Children’s Cancer Center for the past few years and it is amazing to see how far advancements in treatment have come.     Imagine what the future holds! 

Chloe is living proof that these funds raised are helping to cure childhood cancers.  Please accept this challenge to be part of our team and make a donation today.   Thank you for your continued support!
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